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We always recommend professional intervention when determining a structural problem and investigating for the corrosion of cavity wall ties. Various methods of investigation are used such as a visual inspection of the masonry and mortar courses, measurements of datum lines to determine bowing of load bearing members, boroscope investigation and in some cases removal of masonry brickwork.


In most cases a boroscope investigation can be undertaken. Holes are drilled into various areas of the masonry brickwork and are blown clean with an air gun. A boroscope cctv camera is then inserted into the cavity of the wall and the images are recorded to media in order to provide to the client of the property. 

We can also provide the services of our own in house qualified structural engineer.

Identifying Structural Building Problems .

Depending on the method of building construction Wall Ties may or may not of been included in the masonry structure of a property. Signs of Wall Tie failure can include the following observations:


* Cracks in external masonry brick walls.

* Bulging or bowing of external masonry walls.

* Cracks in mortar courses (Less serious)

* Cracks in brick courses (More serious)

* Cracks to internal plaster walls and ceilings.

* Cracks to lime and fibrous plaster coving and cornice.

* Signs of masonry failure at piers, bays, abutments and arches.

If you feel you have a structural problem in your property and require a professional no nonsense, no obligation diagnosis 

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