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Damp Proofing & Damp Courses
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Damp Proofing is a building construction process undertaken to prevent ingress of moisture and dampness into a habitable living space. Damp buildings can cause health issues and lead to further problems such as wet and dry rot fungus and decay.

Discovering damp in your property can be a distressing experience. Finding the correct contractor to carry out remedial works to correct it can be worse. At SBC we understand damp problems and buildings. Our surveyors will carry out a full in depth diagnosis of your damp problem using specialist surveying equipment and years of knowledge in the field. We understand that it is important to our clients to eradicate their damp problem and prevent the risk of it returning.

Identifying Damp

Often when we are called to a property to provide a damp assessment we find that on talking to our clients that their damp issue has been a continuing headache for them over a sustained period of time. Damp problems can present themselves in a number of ways including the following:


* Water tide marks on walls particularly at skirting level.

* Black mould spots on walls and ceilings.

* Circular or mis-shaped damp patches appearing and dissapearing in varying weather conditions.

* Musty mushroom type smells in surrounding air.

* Increased breathing difficulty in particularly people with existing health conditions.

* Water ingress throughout the building fabric.

* Insect infestation (woodlice, wood boring insects, silverfish)

* Excess water vapour (condensation) on windows and mirrors.

Rising Damp

Rising Damp usually manifests as a water tide mark at skirting board level. Rising Dampness can be diagnosed with the aid of an electronic moisture meter and by visual inspection by a trained eye. Causes of Rising Damp can sometimes be caused by one of the following reasons:


* Water tide marks on walls particularly at skirting level.

* Breaking down or deterioration of and existing felt or slate damp proof course.

* Bridging of the external damp proof course due to elevated external ground levels.

* Elevated water levels such as flooding.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp can be caused by a number of building faults and can be diffcult to diagnose and access to the untrained eye. Causes of Penetrating Damp can sometimes be caused by one of the following reasons:


* Open disused chimney pots.

* Cracked concrete chimney flaunchings.

* Damaged or perished lead flashings.

* Unventilated and sealed disused fireplaces and openings.

* Perished window frames.

* Leaking roofs and missing slates.

* Porous brickwork and masonry.

* Leaking gutters, hoppers and downpipes.

* Perished pointing.

Mould & Condensation

For more information on Mould and Condensation related dampness please head over to our Mould & Condensation information page.

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